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Functional Artwork from Lefroy Brooks!

April 22, 2011

Lefroy Brooks products can best be described as functional, classical artwork for the kitchen and bathroom. At Lefroy Brooks they defined what classic means and are proud to share “A Century of Classics,” through their full range of bathroom and kitchen accessories. But the question remains, what makes a classic? (more…)

The Perfect Kitchen Faucet and Sink Combo!!

March 3, 2011

Dishwashing, a daily chore majority of us hate to do, and unfortunately, it seems as if the sink is bottomless! It may be time for a new kitchen sink and faucet to make it a little easier! Choosing a kitchen sink and faucet combination may seem like an easy task.  However, there are several factors to take into consideration before you buy what is arguably the most consistantly used piece in a kitchen.



Enriching a Bathroom with Lacava!

February 16, 2011

The bathroom is arguably the most used room in a house. Used throughout the day, it should be a place to get an escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  It should be inviting and peaceful.  The luxury and beauty of Lacava craftsmanship can make you feel a sense of comfort as you step into a bathroom and escape into another world. A company of Italian origin, Lacava is committed to enriching bathrooms with beautiful, inspiring bathroom collections. Create a charming bathroom with Lacava!


KBIS is Reinvented!!

December 19, 2010
Collaborate. Innovate. Inspire.
The new logo and tagline for the new and improved annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2011! Collaboration can be seen in the form of the introduction of mobile applications and more interactive, hands-on displays. Thanks to the partnering of the National Kitchen and Bath Assocation with Nielsen Exhibtion, attendees can use the new online scheduling and mapping tool allowing them to maximize their KBIS experience. Also, new to this year’s KBIS is the Industry Segment Connection. This new addition allows for industry professionals to network in the best way possible while learning the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the design curve. Innovation is also improved upon for the upcoming KBIS and attendees will find that the show will have a wider array of offerings, showcasing the latest in trends and technology.

Virtual Makeovers- A New Way to Design and Create

November 30, 2010

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom in the near future? Do me a favor and type “virtual makeover” in the search engine of your choice and results should show that you can upload pictures of yourself and try on different hairstyles, hair colors, and even makeup! Now imagine the ability to do something similar for a bathroom remodel! That’s right, you can virtually makeover your bathroom. Click below the jump to find out more. (more…)

Lions, faucets, and hardware, oh my!- Cifial’s Economical Offerings

September 28, 2010

While business slowly picks itself up in the nation’s move away from the recession, that doesn’t exactly mean we should stop tightening our belts. When business is booming, it’s still a smart idea to save money where we can. Discount parts can be unreliable, which is why we’re drawing your attention to Orbit Supply’s star economy performer- Cifial. (more…)

Contractors: Lessen Your Operating Loss and Save Money

August 31, 2010

Like I mentioned in my last post, we’ve all gone through some rough financial times these past few years. With fewer homes being bought and budgets tightening, contractors who specialize in home improvement and repairs are finding less clients to help support them. Luckily we’ve taken notice of yet another program to help us out in these thin times. Read more after the jump. (more…)

Getting Paid to Save Money

July 28, 2010
Refitting home plumbing can be an expensive pain in the neck, especially when the government says to do it for new regulations. All of a sudden, what you thought were perfectly good pipes, showerheads and toilets aren’t up to snuff. Sometimes old fixtures are pardoned, but what about when you need to buy new faucets or showerheads? Luckily the Enivronmental Protection Agency has been handing out rebates to help out. (more…)

Reviewing Last Year’s Numbers: Pipe Trades Giant 100

June 24, 2010

August will be here sooner than we think and that means Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine will release their annual Pipe Trades Giants 100. This list is the top earning 100 companies that deal in our industry- piping, plumbing, hydronics, wastewater and fire protection. (more…)

Save $$$ With A Government Rebate for Tankless Water Heaters

May 18, 2010

Environmentally friendly spending is a big thing with our current administration, and one of its policies has crept into the bathroom industry: rebates for tankless water heaters. (more…)