Graff’s Back to School Special!

           It is that time of the year again, Summer is winding down and nearly every other commercial or advertisement is for a “Back to School Sale!” Well, Graff is having their own back to school special; although it’s not school related this new program is definitely special! Purchase any Graff Thermostatic Shower System and receive a free thermostatic rough valve, purchase a Graff PBV shower system and receive a free PBV rough, purchase any Graff Luna Lavatory and receive a free rough. See a pattern here? Already an industry leader with more complete collections for its faucets than other manufacturers and seven floor mounted tub fillers, Graff is at it again. Graff has started a brand new, industry changing Free Rough Program! For specific details please do not hesitate to check our website or give us a call at Orbit Supply!
          As an industry leader and known for their cutting edge design, the multiple collections by Graff will have something for every one. Graff products are not only aesthetically pleasing; Graff products guarantee precise, elegant craftsmanship as well as dependability for all their collections. Here at Orbit Supply we love being able to provide a wide selection that appeals to all. Modern or classic, sleek and simple or intricate and ornate, Orbit Supply can help you find the perfect product from Graff. Immersion, Canterbury, Bali, and Tranquility are just a few collections that highlight the diverse offerings from Graff.
           Immersion has a very pronounced contemporary vibe. Sleek and simple with a focus on rectangular shapes and a curved yet flat design. Just one of many faucets from the Immersion design is pictured to the above. Canterbury is a timeless collection inspired by the Victorian era. Very detail oriented, Graff has gracefully transitioned this style into the 21st Century. This collection captures the elegance of Victorian styling while adding the functionality we have come to expect from modern designs. Similiarly, the Bali Collection, pictured to the right, is a wonderful design that ties the past and present. Reminiscient of 19th century water pumps, the collection is classic with a modern touch! No tiring arm work required, the water pump has been modernized for ease of use while still bringing back images of the past. Lastly, the Tranquility Collection stays true to its namesake. With delicate details and simple style, this collection exudes relaxation and comfort. Inspirated by the shape of a bamboo shoot, the handle has a soft curve and has an alluring touch. A perfect addition, this design collection is simple and soothing!
          Please allow us, at Orbit Supply, the opportunity to match you with the perfect Graff product you are looking for! Graff is known for it’s exceptional craftsmanship and at Orbit Supply we are happy to offer all of Graff’s finest collections!

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