Brizo: A New Brand for a New Season!


The summer season is upon us! And at Orbit Supply, we are proud to offer you a refreshingly new line for us called Brizo! Brizo sets a new standard for beauty combined with functionality. What do fashion designer, Jason Wu, and Brizo have in common? As it turns out, a lot actually!


Fashion and faucetry come together with this brand and Brizo is here to prove that fashion is not only seen on the runway! World famous fashion designer, Jason Wu, and Brizo both share the idea that fashion is a lifestyle that can be seen all around us, including in the home. With such a dynamic collaboration you can be certain that the products are going to be luxurious, innovative and fresh. Brizo is also committed to being community friendly. They support Habitat for Humanity, among other positive community projects; They are also the first ever national sponsers of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home Giveaway program. An all-around wonderful brand with so much to offer!

Although they value a luxurious, reliable style, Brizo remains conscientious of the environment. “Green is beautiful,” is the headline for Brizo’s green innovations. Water conservation, and water purity are main concerns of their innovations. Water-saving products that maximize efficiency without sacrificing Brizo’s fashion-forward style have been developed and are guaranteed to not compromise user experience. RSVP (pictured to the right) is one collection of Brizo that uses an aerator to reduce water consumption and the design still remains sleek and luxurious. Distinctive style combined with advanced technology also plays a significant role in Brizo’s water conservation and water purity. Some of these technologies include hands-free technology, H2O Kinetic technology, SmartTouch Technology among others. Visit Brizo’s website here to learn more about these technologies and how they reduce the amount of water consumption and purify water!

Brizo is a cutting edge company that has a unique outlook on faucetry. Orbit Supply is proud to offer such luxury. You will not be disappointed by the beauty of the designs. Functionality, form, style, and fashion all come together to create a great product from Brizo. Experience it for yourself! Contact us at Orbit Supply. We will be happy to assist you in finding a wonderful design that exemplifies fashion forward style and top notch performance! Summer is here! Indulge yourself!

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