Functional Artwork from Lefroy Brooks!


Lefroy Brooks products can best be described as functional, classical artwork for the kitchen and bathroom. At Lefroy Brooks they defined what classic means and are proud to share “A Century of Classics,” through their full range of bathroom and kitchen accessories. But the question remains, what makes a classic? According to the Lefroy Brooks website, “Foremost it stands the test of time, it is popular, a design which sold well in its day and continued to be demanded and of course it worked, it functioned, it did its job.” To find these classics, each decade from the past century has been carefully researched and considered. Lefroy Brooks is pleased to offer the greatest classics from each decade. Faucets, as well other fixtures from Lefroy Brooks, represent the best of the best. Beautiful back than and still beautiful today, Lefroy Brooks is sure to offer wonderfully designed, and wonderfully crafted fixtures. With a century of classics to consider, there is sure to be a design that captures the eye and captivates the mind.

Once considered cutting edge, this bath shower has stood the test of time. It continues to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Rather than be cutting edge, in today’s world this beautiful design now evokes a feeling of nostalgia and elegance. It can be a great addition to any new bathroom or remodel to give the room a completely new vibe!

Check the Orbit Supply website for a full list of Lefroy Brooks fixtures, or make a call to an Orbit Supply representative. We will be happy to find the perfect Lefroy Brooks piece to add to any kitchen or bathroom!

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