The Perfect Kitchen Faucet and Sink Combo!!


Dishwashing, a daily chore majority of us hate to do, and unfortunately, it seems as if the sink is bottomless! It may be time for a new kitchen sink and faucet to make it a little easier! Choosing a kitchen sink and faucet combination may seem like an easy task.  However, there are several factors to take into consideration before you buy what is arguably the most consistantly used piece in a kitchen.


Some important things to take into account about before buying include the type of sink, a single sink or double sink? Determining whether an arm spray is necessary or not, or would a high faucet spout or lower be more beneficial? A lot of these questions can be answered by determining how the kitchen is mainly used. Small, quick dinners at home? Will large dinner parties take place often? Going along with the types of dinners to be cooked, also take into account the cookware to be used. Deep pots and wide pans would be easier to clean with a high faucet spout and maybe even an arm spray. An arm spray is flexible and more mobile than a faucet spout, making cleaning duties easier. Lastly, choosing an appropriate finish to complement the kitchen is important too. Remember, chrome and nickel hold up particularly well and clean easily for a frequently used sink.

Orbit Supply is pleased to provide our customers with top-rated faucet and sink brands that include Herbeau, Hansgrohe, Newport Brass, and Cifial among others. The combination of faucets and sinks are limitless and personal preference is most important. However, how the kitchen will be used should also factor into the decision when deciding on a faucet and sink. At Orbit Supply we want to help you find that perfect sink and faucet combination that has both a style that you are looking for with the functionality you need.

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