Virtual Makeovers- A New Way to Design and Create


Thinking of remodeling your bathroom in the near future? Do me a favor and type “virtual makeover” in the search engine of your choice and results should show that you can upload pictures of yourself and try on different hairstyles, hair colors, and even makeup! Now imagine the ability to do something similar for a bathroom remodel! That’s right, you can virtually makeover your bathroom. Click below the jump to find out more.Not long ago, an architect’s rendering of a design on a drafting table may have seemed impossible to imagine. At best, it offered an abstract representation of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The virtual bathroom design allows those of us who are less visually inclined to see design in 3D, very similar to how it will look once the remodel is complete. The 3D virtual design software includes an extensive library of bathroom products and fixtures enabling you to play around with some of the most popular designs to find the one that’s perfect for you. Love the idea of having a freestanding bathtub, but aren’t sure if it would fit right in your current bathroom? Can’t seem to figure out how to fit in the vanity without compromising space? This new 3D virtual design software also gives you the ability to see different viewpoints and angles of your new creation! Have a few windows, extra doors or walls to include in your design? Not a problem!







This exciting new software allows users to construct the shape and layout exactly how it would look in your home. New 3D virtual bathroom design software also includes a color palette with a wide variety of hues enabling you to mix and match different colors to get the exact combination that is perfect for your new bathroom! Create a simple bathroom design and with just a few clicks of a button, transforming it into your dream bathroom design. The 3D virtual bathroom design allows you to try out endless possibilities to make sure what you get is exactly what you want! Most software allows you to input specific dimensions, ensuring that you can fit Once you have the perfect bathroom designed, Orbit Supply can match you with the sink, vanity, and/or bathtub you imagined in your 3D virtual design, turning your bathroom design into reality!

Check out some of the best of this software here, provided by Visit us at once you’re done visualizing in order to

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