Lions, faucets, and hardware, oh my!- Cifial’s Economical Offerings


While business slowly picks itself up in the nation’s move away from the recession, that doesn’t exactly mean we should stop tightening our belts. When business is booming, it’s still a smart idea to save money where we can. Discount parts can be unreliable, which is why we’re drawing your attention to Orbit Supply’s star economy performer- Cifial.While we’re filing this blog underneath “inexpensive” that doesn’t mean Cifial chumps out on being a standout brand. They’ve won several industry awards for design, including a few of the prestigious ADEX (Design Journal’s Award for Design Excellence) Gold and Platinium certifications.
For contractors and builders, versatility is everything. Cifial offers this by making bath and kitchen fixtures that can serve more than a few niches of style, by covering the big three: Traditional, Transitional and Modern (along with the spaces in between).
If you design or build for some who’s into countryside construction lines, their Highlands faucets serve this aesthetic perfectly, with their exposed bridge and cross handles. These can fit either about farmhouse sinks for the kitchen, or cast iron clawfoot tubs in the bathroom.

However, if someone’s idea of a perfect bathroom is a little more regal, the Brookhaven line has tapered faucet and handle stems that are reminiscent of Renaissance trumpets.

Cifial doesn’t stop at the just the appealing, sexy items like showerheads and faucets. They also provide an entire span of hardware for those fixtures as well as for features outside of the kitchen or bath- like cabinet knobs and pulls or door handles. No need to worry about finding matching hardware if you stick with Cifial, no matter what sort of style you’ve chosen for your other hardware.

Their finish selections will also stop you from looking elsewhere, as they cover the ever so popular satin nickel and chrome, along with brass in both clean and weathered styles.

I told you there were lions.

Visit Orbit-Supply and check out our products page, so you can see the full range of fixtures and hardware we can provide for your business.

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